The apartment has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen, fully furnished, and air-conditioned (master bedroom). 

Other facilities include swimming pool for adults and children on the podium level, 24-hour security service, centrally located, near banks and other public amenities.
A.           DAILY RENTAL
Apartments are for rental on a daily basis. The rental rate for this apartment is  RM250.00 per night(weekdays, weekends and School holidays). DISCOUNT WILL BE GIVEN for long stay. Booking is necessary to ensure that apartment is available for you on arrival. Interested to rent the apartments on a daily basis should first inquire for information on availability by email:

Reservations and Booking by deposit into a Malaysian Bank Account:
If you are already in Malaysia at the time of booking, you may pay the booking fee deposit of RM100.00 to confirm your booking. Maybank account will be provided once you confirm your request.

Apartment is also available for monthly rental, fully furnished. A security deposit equivalent to a two-month rental is required in addition to a utility deposit equivalent to one half of monthly rental. The deposits will be refunded after deducting any outstanding utility bills or other costs. The first month's rent is also payable upon execution of the rental agreement.
For further information, please email to banjaria.homestay@gmail.com .

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